We have a wonderful natural resource here in New Mexico: dark skies that allow us to see a greater density of stars than in many other states. Getting a peek at our increasingly rare dark skies can help make your trip to New Mexico as enchanting and memorable as possible.

When people take a guided tour of the night skies, it can have an extraordinary impact. Anyone can look at the Milky Way on a crisp, clear night and appreciate its beauty. But, without any guidance, most people look up only briefly or end up feeling overwhelmed by a vast heaven that seems remote and inaccessible. Having a friendly, low-key guide to help you make sense of what you are seeing and experiencing the natural wonders of the night sky with your own eyes will help to bring your textbook knowledge of the universe to vivid life.

The night sky tours highlight objects that are most favorably placed depending upon the time of year. A truss tube Newtonian Reflector telescope is used with a mirror that is 20" in diameter! It is large enough to show a great amount of detail on planets, the moon and grasp the light of objects millions of light years away. It is easily disassembled and can be transported almost anywhere. 

"Your tour was the highlight of our trip.  We completely enjoyed it from the moment we got there until, well, we are still enjoying it. You are an excellent teacher; reaching out to your audience with a variety of tools.  Involving your audience and making them feel as though maybe they discovered that shooting star or the satellite that catches the suns rays just right.  You offer a wonderful service at a very affordable price."

--Kimberly and Keith 
  Irving, Texas

"Everyone in our group really loved the time you spent with us—enthusiastic references to it, and you, came up a number of times during the rest of our stay.  I’m  delighted we connected with you.  It definitely was a highlight for folks, despite the temps.  (If we return and do it again we’ll know to bring more warm clothes!)  Everyone appreciated both the glimpses of the sky you gave us and your enthusiasm and passion for the subject."

--Mollie Hoben 
  Minnesota Women's Press, Inc.

"I just wanted to thank you for the great stargazing - you were a wealth of information, and we really appreciated all the knowledge and fun you brought to our evening.  You helped make our vacation very memorable!"

--Tanya Bunyard
King Salmon, Alaska

"We very much enjoyed sky tour and felt inspired to learn more about Astronomy. Your knowledge and enthusiasm were impressive and helped make the subject come alive. We enjoyed seeing such an expanse of sky under good conditions and being "pulled along" by your considerable enthusiasm."

Ken and Walter Boehling
California and England

"WOW!!....It's humongous!!...It's bigger than you Mama!!"
(looking at the Moon)

--Anais Aiello, 5 years old, Denver, CO

Peter Lipscomb, award-winning astrophotographer, columnist, and stargazer operates Astronomy Adventures. In addition to conducting night sky tours, he serves as Director of the Night Sky Program for the New Mexico Heritage Preservation Alliance. Over the years, he has worked with Anheuser-Busch, Apple Computer, The Bishop's Lodge, Dow Corning, General Electric, Inn of The Anasazi, KPMG, Microsoft, The National Park Service and Chaco Culture National Historic Park, New Mexico State Parks, Osram Opto Semiconductor, PriceWaterhouse Coopers, Raytheon Systems, Santa Fe Convention and Visitors Bureau, Taos Pueblo, and Washington Mutual. He has also served as exclusive entertainment for several intimate wedding parties during their special celebrations.

During a tour, Peter engages his guest's interest by bringing the wonders of the night sky into a level that is easily accessible and understood. The general framework of how the sky works and what is seen depending upon the time of year is explained. Major constellations are pointed out. Using star lore based upon Greek mythology and other cultures from around the world, Peter helps place the star formations into a memorable context.

Moving from a broad view of the sky, Peter gradually brings the more remote jewels of the night sky within reach. Through binoculars and telescopes, participants are introduced to close-up views of objects such as galaxies, nebulae and star clusters. The latest scientific findings about each object are shared to help provide a foundation for a deeper understanding of what is being viewed.