Lunar sign software

Lunar signs are the second important zodiac sign in a person’s chart. Interestingly enough, almost every person knows his/her solar zodiac sign; hardly any person knows about his/her lunar sign. Lunar sign measurements are commonly taken in degrees, minutes, and seconds. However, many astrologists round off them in to degrees and minutes only for their convenience. Moon is the fastest moving body in astrological chart which moves in two minutes through a sign and 13 degrees each day. Movement of the lunar is measured similar to that of time that is one minute is equal to 60 seconds and 60 minutes is equal to one degree. There are total of 12 lunar zodiac signs which make up the total of 360 degrees.

The location of moon at the time of our birth is the indicator of our emotional state of development. It is also believed by many astrologers that our unconscious side of personality is due to the placement of the moon. Moon traits, may not seem to be very important but it is the place where we spontaneously go to find the peace, childhood memories, comfort. It is where all our emotions of jealousy hatred or rage reside in our psyche. Many lunar sign software are available on internet which you can download free of cost and which helps you in understanding the different phases of lunar signs having different impacts on your life and emotions.