Lunar Gardening Calendar

In past, many ancient civilizations take the fertility of the earth closely associated with the lunar cycles. Seeds were harvested and planted keeping in view the phases of moon. Even now in today’s technological and fast paced world where every day new methods of farming are introduced, lunar gardening has not lost its due place. Instead, many modern day farmers are going back to the “old school” growing practices according to lunar gardening, a method which can be traced back to prehistoric era.

We all are familiar of moon’s impact on tides. Tides are controlled by moon and it is a very common phenomenon. Just as moon has its impact on tides, similarly ground water table is also controlled by the moon. The rising and falling of ground water table correlated with the gardening chores is the basic principal on which lunar gardening calendar is based upon.

Free Lunar gardening calendar is easily available on internet, you can easily download your own free lunar gardening calendar and keep your self up to date with the ground water level and type of seed you should harvest in your farm. There are exclusive lunar gardening calendars that also help with the type of germination seeds that you should reap in your farm.