Lunar Cycle Calculator

Many people are interested to calculate the series of moon phases/lunar cycle. The angle between the moon and the sun is termed as the lunar phase. When both moon and sun are at 180 degree you see a full moon and when the moon and the sun are at 0 degree you see a new moon but you can also use the special calculator which tells you about the previous and next full moon, it is called the Lunar cycle calculator or the moon phase calculator.

The moon has some phases when it revolves around the earth and it completes 1orbit of 1.4 million miles. We can not see the one portion of the moon because when it faces the earth, the moon is opposite to it. The lunar cycle calculator is easy to use and very simple to operate. You can change the month, year, and the day by the mouse or keyboard.

Best thing about this lunar cycle calculator is that you can download it even if you have a computer with minimum specifications. .Lunar cycle calculator is small in size and it is designed as the friendly interface so you can buy and keep it easily. Calculating the lunar cycle is surely a great knowledgeable experience and entertainment too.