A place to share my images of night sky wonders. I use a variety of techniques and equipment. Many of the deep sky objects (nebulae, galaxies and star clusters) were imaged through a specialized type of CCD camera and my Takahashi FS 102 refractor telescope. These images were captured using Maxim DL/CCD or CCDSoft with Maxim DL, CCDSoft, AstroArt and Adobe Photoshop for processing. Many of the images were captured unguided.

Planetary imaging is done through a webcam. I use a Phillips ToUcam Pro and K3CCD Tools for image capture with Registax and Adobe Photoshop for processing.

I try and get my color images as close to actual values as possible, but our eyes are just not sensitive enough to see color in such distant objects. Therefore, I base my color mix on other pictures of these objects taken by amateurs, professional observatories, NASA and the Hubble Space Telescope. What you see on these pages is a blend of my interpretation of those images and my own creative choices.

At the bottom of each object's page, the notation L/R/G/B records how many minutes I exposed each set of Luminance/Red/Green/Blue data frames.